Thursday, March 24, 2011

The 2002 Vintage

I'm curious to hear others opinions on bottles they've opened thus far and what your general impressions are.

It will be interesting to see how these wines are drinking in 10 years. I've found a good deal of wines that were very tight and un-giving out of the gate have opened up considerably in recent months.

Here are ones I've tasted with general impressions, all are the 2002 vintage of course:

  • Gimonnet Paradoxe - elegant and precise for a wine with pinot in it, which I generally find less interesting than chardonnay-based bubbles
  • Gimonnet Gastronome - I prefer the NV Cuis BdB to this
  • Gimonnet Fleurons - the real deal, expressive and broad with a sense of class
  • Dhondt Mes Vieilles Vignes - after reading some notes about early maturity on these, I sold my remaining bottles. Earlier versions were crisp and precise, keep an eye on these
  • Jean Milan BdB Terres de Noel - lightning in a bottle, electric, crackling acidity, let this one sleep
  • Marc Hebrart Special Club - meh, kind of simple given the price point. I do like the producer though
  • Louis Roederer BdB - another one that definitely needs time, but should be incredible. Some say it's on par with Cristal
  • Vilmart Grand Cellier D'Or - flat out gorgeous and complex, florals, spice, orchard fruits, yum
  • Pierre Peters Cuvee Speciale Les Chetillons - drank this alongside 02 Dom and this blew it away. Loaded with citrus and complex leesy character, sample one and throw the rest in a dark corner of the cellar
  • Roederer Cristal - look, the price is insane. But if someone else is buying, I'm drinking it. Ethereal presence on the palate, light yet palate staining. Not the most complex drink but damn tasty
  • Moet Dom Perignon - I bought several in the hopes that it appreciates and/or someday rounds into form. Right now, it's not worth opening despite glowing notes you read. Really coiled and sulphurous, even with a lengthy decant
  • Bernard Hatte Special Club - tropical fruit and orange marmalade, really exotic and sappy
  • Chartogne-Taillet Brut - another brioche and butter bomb (in a great way) that possess great cut despite the richness, a beauty
  • H. Billiot Millesime - starting to open, a touch sweet with very creamy fruit

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