Monday, November 21, 2011

2002 Moet Dom Perignon

I figured it was time to pop another bottle, having had several so-so experiences with the 2002 and not wanting to miss the boat on cellaring some more bottles before they begin to disappear from shelves and/or escalate in price. If I was going to stock up, I didn't want the memory of my prior three disappointments lingering in my head when I laid my virtual greenbacks on the counter in exchange for wine.

So yesterday, on a glorious mid-60 degree day in November in the Boston suburbs, having had my fill of leaf blowing and mulching, I set about digging out a bottle to lounge with on the deck. This was the fourth bottle I've tasted, all from different retail sources - and I simply cannot understand the glowing notes and lofty expectations being assigned.

To be honest, this particular bottle was easily the most open of the four I've tried, but there's simply nothing distinctive about this wine. Yes, the texture was impeccable as it always is with Dom Perignon. But there didn't seem to be any indications that this would be anywhere near the legendary 1996, let alone even as good as the 2000, which I quite like.

Looks like I'll be saving myself some money or sinking it into another wine.